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Life Groups

Our life groups are a fundamental component of who we are and how we do community.

We have several groups that meet at different times and locations on a weekly basis. Each week we gather together for conversation around scripture, shared community, and prayer. If you would like to know more about how to get connected to a life group click the button below, fill out the life group form, and we will be happy to connect you with a group.

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About our Life Groups

The pictures of community presented in scripture are committed, highly relational, unified communities in Christ. Christian community is not just a social event, but rather a fundamental part of what it means to be a follower of Jesus, and part of His church.

Community cannot truly be accomplished through a Sunday service alone. Community is shared life together. It is intentional, purposeful, and Christ centered. It beckons us to be vulnerable, connected and accountable to God and His people.

Our Goal

Our goal is not to re-create a Sunday morning service, but to cultivate and create a place where:

  • People are known and heard
  • Life on life relationships happen
  • Discipleship occurs
  • Accountability and communion are practiced
  • Mission and Theology (understanding of what God is like) are unified
  • Committed relationships are expressed

Our Philosophy


Since its inception, the church has based its identity in the person, work, and teachings of Jesus Christ. He is the revealed word of God. Our community is a biblical community because it is centered on Jesus Christ, the Word of God.


God is a sending God. Jesus was sent to save the world. As the church, we continue Christ’s mission as His sent ones. Therefore, mission is not something added to the church, but is part of its essential DNA. To be a follower of Jesus is to be missional, they are not mutually exclusive. As a church, we are called to respond to God’s initiative to restore and redeem, by being His agents of reconciliation in this world.


Humanity was created for community. Community is not simply an aspect of Highlands, but rather a fundamental part of what it means to be created in God’s image. Sin has led to broken community and loss of connectedness. Our goal is to live out our theology and mission within the context of community and allow God’s work (through the cross) to heal and restore God’s image in us.

Our Structure


Our life groups meet seasonally, meaning that they begin and break during natural seasons of life. At the end of each season, if a life group isn’t a good fit, you have an open invitation to try another group that might gel better for you.


We want our life groups to be invested in their local community. With that in mind, we have life groups meet at different locations. We encourage those looking for a life group to find one closest to where they live in order to invest in the people nearest to them.


We view the church as family. As such, the church is not made up of any one demographic, but of those from different generations and backgrounds. This diversity is a strength of the church and we desire to model this diversity in our life groups.


We understand people are complex. Therefore, we encourage our groups to engage in different ways as they do life together. Some weeks a group might have a game night or come together over dinner. Other times, a group might engage in a service project that benefits the needs in their community. As we engage through different avenues, we learn more about the people around us and develop rich, meaningful relationships.


Each weeks study will based on the scripture passage covered in the most recent Sunday morning sermon. You can find the Life Group study guide by clicking on the sermon associated with the appropriate week. You can download the pdf right from the weekly sermon.

Life Group Form

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